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PALERMO  MADRID  PORTO     gennaio 2003 - marzo 2004





Euroscreen 21
PAN - Forum of Art

Germania 2002-2003
a cura di Judith Nothnagel


The name "Euroscreen21" denotes a project performed by artists from European countries who are working in the area of Video/New Media Art. The accelerating technical and political developments render a new meaning to time and space. Communication with people even in remote countries works fast and easily by means of rapidly improving techniques and data networks. A united Europe offers new chances for an innovative community. "Euroscreen21" arises in the year 2002 on this background. Art has always promoted the discourse and understanding among different cultures. The concept  basing explicity on a European cooperation, presents new approaches to art as well as communication; a circulating of pictures beyond all restrictions by language problems: an experiment performed by artists of various countries, reflecting issues of present political, philosophical and aesthetic concern. The presentations take place in the world wide web, museums and galleries as well as in easily accessible public areas. Works are shown in various European locations at the same time -depending on opportunities. Simultaneous demonstration increase the communicative impact of the presented issues. The participants live in the geografic Europe in England, France, Hungaria, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Turkey, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain,Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Luxembourg, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Russia, ... Judith Nothnagel




three mornings
Gair Dunlop, Scozia

The piece is called 3 mornings, it's a simple reverie on different states of waking and the lives woken to. It might also reflect on the limits of the traditional idea of home to encompass the diversity of life in a modern city...





Home-page sweet home-page
ELASTIC Group, Italia

"Home page sweet home page": A real virtual house in the world wide web !







open sky
Jan Verbeek Germania

A meadow. Two children build a house. Light and noise is coming from the open sky. The children act like dancers. On their terrace they reach, unprotectedly and happy, the end of the world.





Il - the maninal
Hercli Bundi, Svizzera

Il / The Manimàl is a study about a man in the bath. Composed with only a few seconds of real action, the tape focuses on the mans body, the water, his erotic play with a handle. Thereby the video gives an entire image of the protagonist and his desires.




Anita Sarosi, Ungheria

...something with my inside home...







mechanisms of exposure
Tjader-Khight inc..., Belgio

' Belgium is not to die for. We survived.'







Juanjo Fernandez Rivero, Spagna

Bits ( of Barcelona) The method used for the assembly to been the utilization of the own one original sound mounted as if about a musical piece it was treating. Generating digital mistakes in the apprehension and the postproduction, narrative without beginning not even end. Emphasizing this way the sensation of a chaotic and stressful city to her time that tourist and multicultural. BITS shows Barcelona as a city that grows to a dizzy speed. An unfinished work.


Tanja Vujinovic & Zvonka Simcic, Slovenia

Homework is a video work created by our - Slovenian/Serbian tandem. Disjointed part of the body is orchestrating the symphony of hypnotic and annoying repetitive sounds of a sewing machine simultaneously metaphorically performing inscriptions on the body. Here we can find the Nietzschean notions of the eternal return mixed with the medical fetishism, wrapped up in a safe, home surrounding.








The feeling for your native place lasts longer than 62 seconds. It is made for eternity - especially somebody who is homeless will understand this. Nevertheless, you will sense this feeling in a split second even though it changes continuously in time. It connects people but will always be an individual expression.











Judith Nothnagel, Germania