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1. role, contents and procedures of art




2. the creative process: rational and irrational mechanisms




3. the expressive communication: processes and values





4. the artistic teaching








5. contemporary living and new conscience of architecture





6. new aesthetics of space






7. transmissibility and teaching of architecture






Modern seems then that not to signify from a certain moment onwards simply 'of today' but it refers, as a positive value, to a progress, to an advance, or to some critical or dialectical behaviour towards what is considered past.

Vittorio Gregotti





Only art, which can be made objective by the poetic word, contains and builds a world on man's scale. Poetry establishes the language in which the being establishes itself.

Martin Heidegger  


There is no artistic inspiration without a preceding organisation and there is no organisation without some limits of inspiration. Even the very first idea of the work can be conceived consciously and the final touching up can present unconscious elements.

Arnold Hauser    


The forms can be exciting or relaxing. Besides colours (soft or aggressive) can increase the effect wanted. The colour and the weaving of the surface possesses an own, real existence, which sends out physical energies that can be measured...

Walter Gropius   



The main purpose of every teaching should be the development of the capacity to think in two... directions; the analytic one and the synthetic one. Therefore we must keep on using last century's heritage (analysis=decomposition) and simultaneously complete and deepen this one to such extent by means of the synthetic attitude that young people gain the capacity to perceive and establish a lively, organic connection (synthesis=integration) between sectors far from each other apparently.

Wassily Kandinsky  


To live does not only mean "being on earth" but also "standing under the sky".

Martin Heidegger 




...I am fascinated by the time I'm living in, fascinated by the extraordinary evolution of this so-called technique of illusion, this absolutely senseless gallop that takes us to the limit of reality.Today there is a complete domination, bigger and bigger, of material that allows arriving to what I call this aesthetics of illusion or of miracle.

Jean Nouvel   


The architect is not a specialist. The vastness and variety of knowledge that the project experience today comprises, its rapid evolution and progressive complexity, in no way allow sufficient knowledge and domain. To put in relation - designing - is his domain...

Alvaro Siza