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This section studies the principles and techniques of the information transmission (considered in its widest sense) and of the communication systems that enable this transmission. In particular the different components of a telecommunication process are analysed (transmitter, receiver, transmission channel, message, ...) and the research studies how such components can evolve synergically as to result simpler, less polluting and cheaper and at the same time providing transmissions without error.A specific attention is therefore directed to the quality of the transmitted information, to its defining parameters and to its optimizing techniques.

The research is conducted considering services and telecommunication networks as a unitary system in order to find integrated solutions able to lead to a revision and an optimization of the communication process.





The very word 'communication' means 'condivision' and since you and I are communicating in this very moment we are one, not as much as a union but rather as a unity.

Colin Cherry, On Human Communications







  • Study of the components and plans of a telecommunication process
  • Improvement methods of the telecommunication process
  • Quality of the multimedia transmission
  • Creation of a laboratory (with the possibility of remote-access) for telecommunication experimentations