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Transmissibility and teaching of the architectural project
The School of Palermo experience


















Fabio Alfano, Trasmissibilità e insegnamento del progetto di architettura - L'esperienza della scuola di Palermo (Transmissibility and teaching of the architectural project - The School of Palermo experience)

presentation Alberto Ferlenga

Edizione Clean, Napoli 2000

with interviews to:

Cesare Ajroldi
Marcella Aprile
Lorenzo Caracciolo
Giancarlo Carnevale
Francesco Cellini
Roberto Collovà
Pasquale Culotta
Paolino di Stefano
Teresa La Rocca
Giuseppe Laudicina
Bibi Leone
Tilde Marra
Richard Vincent Moore
Marcello Panzarella
Maria Clara Ruggieri
Alvaro Siza
Angelo Torricelli

price 8,00 Euro


This work contributes, through critical considerations and reflections to the investigation of the questions trying to define the field of the transmissible knowledge, in the teaching of architectural project, with a reference to the multiple different components of the project, but more than anything to its less 'tangible' aspects, the ones related to the communicative, expressive and 'poetic' values of architecture. The acknowledgment of the 'poetic' dimension as one of the most founding aspects is in fact one of the questions laid by our present and by its necessity of modernity; a question looking for legitimacy and for a precise place even inside the teaching. The experience chosen to verify these questions is the experience of the Faculty of Architecture in Palermo within the academic years 1984-85 and 1994-95.